Far too many conflicts end up in court – without needing to.

There will always be conflicts, as they are part of human co-existence. Nevertheless it often seems impossible to find a solution that is acceptable for all parties. When we feel we cannot or we will not talk to the other party any more, we call our lawyers and let them take over the negotiations or even the court proceedings. Often this seems to be the only way of managing the conflicts, but this way of dealing with the conflict demands time and money and most of all nerves and patience.

As an alternative in many cases the best is to look for a solution yourself, as it is you who knows your case best, better than any other person: it is your conflict, your concern, your business. It is your story. Therefore you are the person who knows best what the ideal solution should look like. Mediation aims at helping you find this solution. The mediator helps the two parties by providing structure and moderation to the resolution of the conflict.

Mediation can be very helpful in a variety of fields, for instance in conflicts in personal relationships such as marriage and inside the family, at work or when doing business, as well as when settling neighbourhood disputes or even in cases in which there is a conflict with state authorities.

The classical form of mediation requires the presence of the parties to the conflict.

In case the mutual presence is impossible or simply not desired, there is a possibility of conflict resolution via telephone. This can be done by way of „shuttle-mediation“, in which the mediator separately speaks to the parties to the dispute and informs them mutually concerning the progress of the case. This is not seen as mediation in a strict sense but an arbitration by the deployment of mediation- methodology. The success of this highly innovative method speaks for itself. Curious? Then contact me!

I can act as your mediator and arbitrator. In addition, I advise you in all questions concerning mediation as such. When the mediation is carried out by another mediator, I offer to accompany you as your lawyer.

Mediation can be held in English, German and French.