An attorney in Germany can either bill according to the applicable federal attorney remuneration law (Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz, RVG) or he can reach an agreement with his client concerning his renumeration, corresponding to his working hours, for instance. Usually, I bill according to the above mentioned RVG. In certain cases, the agreement on an individual renumeration can be more feasible and reasonable. I place great value on transparency, also concerning the costs of my work. I therefore normally discuss this issue during our first encounter.

You need merely a preliminary legal advice to begin with? In these cases, the renumeration follows the value of the matter and must usually not exceed 190,00€ in these cases.

You have a legal expenses insurance? In the course of my legal representation I generally assume dealing with questions concerning insurance coverage and the necessary correspondence with the insurance company.

You are a bit pressed for money right now? There are several possibilities for funding of legal advice by a lawyer like court grants of legal aid. You can direct your questions concerning these issues towards me.

For mediation I charge an hourly fee of 100 € to 200 €. I am happy to discuss the details with you personally.

All costs and fees underlie an added value tax of 19 % as laid down in law. All of the named prices are therefore to be understood plus VAT.