Cooperation in Europe

For transnational affairs we can rely on partnerships with or privileged contacts to lawyer’s offices especially in France (Paris), the U.K. (London), Belgium (Brussels) and Italy (Rome). Please contact us for further information. If you’re interested in our Italian partner Avvocato Andrea Parlatore, Patrocinante in Cassazione, Viale Giuseppe Mazzini, 13, 00195 ROMA, please go to

Franco-German cooperation

To facilitate any of your activities in France we cooperate with a French lawyer’s office and are hence able to offer you a service of special quality and convenience. Contact offices are located in the Paris metropolitan area.

Office Partnership Berlin

I share my office space in Hauptstraße 37 with lawyer Bernd Häusler as well as with lawyer Dr. Patrick Kroker.

Mr. Häusler, member of the Berlin Bar since 1976, advises and represents you in many areas of law and is also engaged in the Berlin Bar Association, where he served as vice-president and has been a board member since between 1991 and 2015. Within the Berlin Bar Association he is still in charge of human rights matters. See for more and detailed information.

Dr. Patrick Kroker, Rechtsanwalt, is part of our office since 2015. For more information please check

The office is managed by Mr. Gählsdorf. Further we regularly employ interns and legal trainees in our office partnership.

Cooperation in Germany

I cooperate with attorney’s office throughout the whole of Germany especially in the Rhine/Ruhr-region as well as in the metropolitan areas of Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt and Freiburg. If required, my clients can be represented by cooperating lawyers as subagents. Reversely, I regularly act as subagents for my colleagues from Berlin and its surroundings.